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CunninLynguists - The Park (Blue Sky Black Death remix)

All I’m gonna say is that this is one dope remix. It’s the perfect mixing of both worlds: the other worldly ambient and grounding rhymes somehow join forces for one solid track. Highly recommended. 

In other news, I’m currently wrapping up my favorite albums of 2011 list, so stay posted for that coming sometime before new years. 

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Mayer Hawthorne - Hooked

Well, if you happen to be a student (or know any), now’s right around the time where you (or people you know) begin to freak out about finals. I happen to fall into this student category, which of course means being surrounded by people freak out and over-emphasize a test for the better part of a week or so. So as a relief to those of you suffering through this phenomenon, I present the perfect remedy: Mayer Hawthorne.

I just got around to listening to his latest release How Do You Do a few days ago, and overall I really enjoyed it. But I’ll save the commentary for later. For all intents and purposes, let’s just say that this record sounds like something unearthed from a crate that hasn’t been dusted off since the late 50’s/early 60’s. This one upbeat jam just happens to hit all the right places, particularly right around this time of year when people are stressing out (hint hint finals). So just turn it on, and let all of your worries melt away. 

The Dodos - Don’t Try and Hide It

Seeing as it’s getting to be the end of the year, it’s right around the time I start trying to listen to all of the albums that have somehow slipped under my radar over the course of the past 11 months. After doing a bit of scouring, I suddenly realized that I somehow managed to completely miss a release from my favorite ramshackle-folk duo. 

While many people consider their second album a misstep, I actually found parts of it rather interesting. By and large I would say this album, No Color, is a return to form of their debut, yet it manages to cherry pick some good portions from their sophomore release. This amalgamation is at its finest here. It has the perfectly balanced smooth vocals with a touch of harmonization, upbeat guitar and jangly drums that barely seem to be held together. Welcome back guys. 

The Hives - A Little More For Little You

I have no idea why, but for some reason I had a sudden urge to listen to the garage rock kings The Hives. Their 2004 album Tyrannosaurus Hives was probably a landmark moment for me in discovering rock music. But that’s a different story for a different day. 

All you really need to know is that these guys have perfected the garage rock/pop crossover on this album (before going full on pop on their follow up, with mixed results), and this song just embodied that vibe perfectly. Everything just falls into place exactly where it should, which is no surprise considering how long these guys have been out there kicking ass. Now if only they’ll release albums a little more often instead of every 5 years without compromising the quality…but a man can only dream. 

Wow. These guys know how to make a fantastic hip-hop song. It embodies that woozy daze that happens right as you wake up or just before you go to bed and yet these guys manage to create just the right lumbering beat to back it up. Well done lads, well done. 

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Shabazz Palaces take on The Guardian’s “How I wrote sessions”.

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Wind Down Wednesday: Massive Attack vs. Burial - Paradise Circus

Man, there’s something about this track that just makes it so visceral, for lack of a better word. There’s practically no melody or beat, and there’s only an occasional voice that anchors the song. Everything about it seems to just float off into space. But what’s even stranger is that this song is almost simultaneously floating yet it still manages to smack you across the face whenever it shifts forms. Just as you begin to space out, something grabs your wandering mind and sits it back into place, with all of your undivided attention placed on the almost non-existent song. It’s by far one of the strangest juxtapositions that I’ve heard in recent memory, which makes the finished product that much more potent. 

Unlike some other music made by either of these two artists, this track is impossible to multi-task to. That haunting voice seems to pierce through every other thought in your mind. It’s the kind of song where the only thing you can do is sit down and take it all in. With that being said, I’d like to repeat an oft-quoted phrase: Turn on, tune in, and drop out. 

Tycho - Dive 

At first listen, it seems quite silly that Tycho would release an album this late in the year. After all, most people assume that his sun-drenched, chill-wave influenced sound would work best in summer. But after further investigation, it seems as if this one man melody making machine’s music sounds good any time of the year. 

On the title track “Dive”, Tycho finds the perfect balance between a thumping beat and the airy melodies he effortlessly creates. Aside from the previously released and thoroughly fantastic “Daydream”, this is probably my favorite track off the album. Do yourself a favor and pick it up as soon as you can. Your ears will thank you.  

What's up, came across your blog and wanted to show love. Dope content, props...

I also manage an up and coming Hip Hop group out of Boston by the name of Notoriety. I was wondering if you could "LIKE" their Facebook fan page (just search "Notoriety Music" on Facebook) and follow them on Twitter (@NotorietyMusic) if you dig 'em? Thanks in advance and again, dope blog! Feel free to post their videos/songs as you please! #Gainerz.

Thanks for the kind words my man. It’s always nice to hear from people with similar tastes in music. 

As for your group Notoriety, I liked what I saw. Glad to see someone representing Beantown. I look forward to seeing them break through in the next couple years. Tell those guys to keep on keepin’ on. 

Drake - Lord Knows (feat. Rick Ross)

The man, the myth and the legend that is Drake is back. Big time. This guy has improved on both his downright sensual, over-sharing R&B and his tight, well-knit straight up rap verses and created quite possibly the most dense album I’ve heard this year. Even though R&B in my experience has been hit or miss (this album included) Drake makes one hell of a compelling argument in its favor. What’s even more impressive is how he switches back and forth seamlessly from each style. But one track here steals the show, and that’s the one that features Rick Ross, of course.

This beat behind this song is just unbelieveable. It’s like Jay Electronica’s Exhibit C, only even more epic. Then Drake comes in, and just fills the track with some fantastic rhymes. For example: “They take the greats from the past and compare us / I wonder if they’d ever survive in this era / In a time where it’s recreation / To pull all your skeletons out the closet like Halloween decorations”. Not to be outdone, Rick Ross pulls out this winner: “Still allergic to broke, perscription straight to paper / Destined for greatness, but got a place in Jamaica / Villa on the water with wonderful views / Only fat nigga in the sauna with Jews”

Long story short, just turn it on, and prepare for the epic meeting of these two forces on the top of Mount Everest, because that’s pretty much exactly what this is. 

Lindstrøm - De Javu

Goddamn why haven’t I jumped on this bandwagon earlier? Apparently this dude has been making fantastic electro-jams for quite some time now, yet for some reason it’s this one track that sucks me in. It’s like some sort of retro-futuristic funk that’s taking place on a ship blasting off into god knows what dimension. The ride isn’t complete with out going through some well thought out breakdowns and buildups, so don’t you worry about getting bored. Just enjoy the ride in all its 7 minutes of glory.